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How to find the best SEO institute?

Search engine optimisation is a rising name over the web, but it is often observed that people with a desire to excel or learn the technique fail on account of a professional guided help. India has been on an internet boom for the past few years; and with its devastating extension it has attracted many. If utilised tactfully web can prove to be a potent source of income. It has the power to make one reach heights. The following is our little effort to throw light in the right direction, discussing its existence, significance, use and our role in the field of SEO institutes India.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation expertise is a service which when applied intelligently can aid top search engine rankings and web traffic. It employs an integrated application of web analysis, prevailing competition analysis, inclusion of target keywords and phrases along with submission to various search directories.

SEO has become the need of the hour with more and more websites adding everyday to the system; to keep one ahead.

Why you should attend our training or benefits?

W3logics, a world class SEO training institute Hyderabad, is a fully fledged experienced company offering world class training to willing minds and to people who genuinely want to make a name in the industry. Our expert guides work to train and excel. Our training sessions are particularly designed with an intention to deliver sharp edged individuals, who later take off projects independently to another level.

Who should attend?

We truly welcome individuals who are dedicated, committed, dynamic and innovative. Internet is an ever changing world; every day is a dawn of something new, only people with the hi-tech adaptability can survive.

Apart from these client representatives are too trained under our experts. It is purely intended to maintain a transparency level and also guide to function independently in future.

Career in SEO

With rising demand of SEO professionals, the career prospects are very high in the field. A SEO expert with the medium can not only work in locals but can expand to a global level. Particularly in India with the recent craze of online marketing, SEO careers will further bloom with no doubts.

What we offer?

W3logics a renowned name in the online marketing industry understands the crucial factor to an SEO expert. Our SEO training hyderabad offers the best in the industry with practical exposure. We train with full fledged professional aura including expert guidance and live ongoing projects. Not only have these, we also work to 100 % placement, serving a one stop stood for all those who want to excel in SEO industry.

Search Engine Basics





Search Engines

Search Engines V/S directory

Major search engines and directories

Search Engine Parameters

Google Sandbox Effect

Website Architecture

How the Search Engine works

Page Rank

Keywords Research and Analysis

Industry Research

Keyword Research

Competitor analysis

Finding Appropriate Keywords

Target segmentation

On Page Optimization

Meta Tags



URL Structure Planning

Creating Robots file

Creating sitemaps

Optimizing seo content

Image tag optimization

Google webmaster tools

Yahoo feed submission

Bing webmaster tools

Off Page Optimization

Submission to search engines

Local marketing

Directory Submission

Blog Submission

Article Submission

Free Classifieds


Press Releases

Video optimization

Link Building

Guest Books

Black Hat / White Hat / Grey Hat

Advanced Optimization Strategies

Google Analytics

Google Adwords

Google Base

Google Adsense

Social Media Optimization(SMO)

Viral marketing

Social Bookmarking

Affiliate marketing

Email marketing

SMS Marketing

Banner Advertising

SEO Reports

Money Making Strategies using


Black Hat

Affiliate Networks

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