Web Analytics

How important is Web analytics?

The term simply means to collect, measure, analyse and report of internet data to conceive and optimise web usage. With blooming internet bazaars the web analytics has established a stable position in the field. It helps one to analyse one's online recognition, website usability and also aids one to adjudge the results of various paid services.

How it works?

Web analytics can either be on-site or off-site. On-site analytics, it is primarily based on the assessment of visitors turning to customers. Initially online success was only measured in terms of visitors but with flourishing trade parameters have moulded a bit.

Off-site analytics, it can be conducted by anyone even those not related to the business or website. It simply includes the measurement of potential audience, visibility and active involvement of visitors in form of comments or views.

How can we help?

W3logics working in synch with the client and making each effort directed to gain maximum economic benefits; offer on-site web analysis services. We completely understand the importance of strategic business decisions and employ our best team to accomplish the needful.

It is of utmost importance that how many visitors of a site actually turn as customers in terms of trade, registration or downloads. Also the actual amount one is spending to do that. As no business men would like to spend a dollar to earn a penny.

  1. W3 logics, serve campaign tracking, analysis and reporting as components of web analysis services.
  2. Simple blueprints are prepared to give a detailed report of each aspect.
  3. Every piece of information is scrutinised to the minimum, with suggestions to improve
  4. A thorough review on cost per visitor via search engine or keyword, cost per conversion, ROI on pay per click technique with ROI on natural search are our key expertise.
  5. Regular follow ups have served outnumbered satisfied clients
  6. After deeper review our experts also devise potent combination to cut on cost and rise on results.

Cost to dedication

Our dedicated team, keeping aside the cost factor works to treat very venture a same place. So even if you land up in a small budget group, the services will be the best and lavish.

Result oriented, focussed, economical and beneficial are our web analytics.

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